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These Terms and Conditions are intended to detail our obligations to you regarding our site as well as inform you of the rules and regulations of Disolife Technologies. By using this site (disolife.com), you agree to these Terms and Conditions, and as such we strongly encourage our visitors to read through this content regularly to stay informed of this disclaimer and any change to our Terms and Conditions. In the following Terms and Conditions, “we, us, and site” are used to refer to Disolife Technologies.

WHEREAS, Client has a need for web services, specifically improving the volume and quality of traffic from Search Engines. Client also has a need for a broader technological marketing strategy, including domain name registration, email accounts, web engineering, technical and/or design services in order to further develop its Website;

WHEREAS, Client and Company mutually desire to pursue continued development and expansion of the Client’s Website as well as to identify potential areas of application for the Website that the Client may then use in the conduct of its business;

WHEREAS, Client understands and agrees that this Agreement shall be an agreement for Natural Law Search Engine results;

WHEREAS, Company agrees to provide Client with SEO and reporting services as described in this Agreement and the applicable Work Order.

NOW, THEREFORE, and in consideration of the promises and mutual covenants of the Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Detailed description of goods and/or services

Disolife is a digital marketing Agency that provides all the digital services whole over the world

"Advertising” – for purposes of this Agreement, sponsored listings, images, maps, videos, definitions and suggested search refinements found within Search Engines.

"Agreement" - has the meaning given above.

Client - has the meaning given above.

Company -

"Confidential Information” - any proprietary technical data, know how, trade secrets, business and marketing plans, and other information that is identified as confidential or should otherwise be understood to be confidential based on the nature of the information or circumstances of the disclosure

Day” - a period of twenty-four (24) hours, from midnight to midnight.

"Disclosing Party" – the party that discloses or otherwise provides confidential information.

"Effective Date"

"" - the date the Parties sign the Agreement (online or otherwise).

"Embedded Images" - images, graphics, or other design elements, which are part of the message itself.

"Force Majeure" - acts of God; war; official strikes or industrial disputes; or other events that prevent a Party’s performance; each to the extent beyond the reasonable control of the Parties and which cannot be overcome by the exercise of ordinary diligence.

"HTML" - an acronym for HyperText Markup Language, which is a set of tags and rules for use in developing HyperText Documents. HTML is the predominant markup language for web pages. It provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document by denoting certain text as links, headings, paragraphs, etc. and to supplement that text with Interactive Forms, Embedded Images, and other objects. HTML is written in the form of “tags” that are surrounded by angle brackets. HTML can also describe, to some degree, the appearance and semantics of a document, and can include embedded Scripting Language code that can affect the behavior of Web Browsers and other HTML processors.

"Intellectual Property" - all innovations, concepts and ideas (whether patentable or not), improvements, discoveries, designs, plans, drawings, blueprints, patent applications, patents, patents rights, trademarks, trademark rights, trade names, trade name rights, service marks, product names, brands, logos and other distinctive identifications used in commerce, the goodwill associated with any of the forgoing, service mark rights, copyrights (other than copyrights in “off-the-shelf” computer programs), copyrightable works and derivatives thereof, original works of authorship, computer code of any type (whether source code or object code) in any programming or markup language underlying any type of computer programming (whether application software, middleware, firm ware or system software) including, but not limited to, applets, assemblers, compilers, design tools, user interfaces, databases and fixations thereof, domain name registrations, all applications and registrations for any of the foregoing, trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information, know-how, formulae, methods, schedules, processes and other intangible proprietary rights.

"Interactive Forms" - allow website users to utilize and navigate through the online content. Typically Interactive Forms are one of five form entries which can be put on a web page: a text box in which the individual types a one-line response, a text area box which allows for longer responses, a radio button for multiple choice questions for which only one answer is correct, check boxes for questions to which there may be more than one possible answer and drop boxes from which the reader chooses the response from a list of preselected entries.

"Natural Law" - (sometimes called organic or algorithmic law) - search results that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. As such, Natural Law search results are not automatic and can vary periodically depending upon search terms and Search Engine recoding.

"Party" - singularly, Company or Client, and, (collectively, Parties).

"Proposal" – see Work Order.

"Receiving party" – the party that recieves confidential information under this agreement.

"Scripting Language" - programming language that allows some control of a single or many software applications.

"Search Engines" - the tools designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. As it relates to this Agreement, the included Search Engines are About, All the Web, Alta Vista, AOL, Excite, Google, Hot Bot, Looksmart, Lycos, BING, Netscape and Yahoo (web pages only).

"SEO" - Search Engine Optimization, the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural search results.

"Subcontractor" - any company or entity with whom Company enters into an agreement to perform any of the Work or to whom Company otherwise delegates any of the Work.

"Term" - the time period designated as the term of this Agreement in Article 3.1 of this Agreement.

"Unique Client Content" - textual or graphical content which has been provided to Company by Client and is of Client origin, graphical or other content created by Company specifically for the Website and all application and lead data generated from Client’s Website or advertising.

"Web Browsers" - software applications which enable a user to display and interact with text, images, videos, music, games and other information typically located on a web page at a web site on the World Wide Web or a local area network.

"Website" - Client’s website being optimized by Company, as specified in the applicable Work Order.

"Work" - jobs, services, goods, deliverables, duties and activities to be performed or provided by Company that relate to the Website.

"Work Order" - a written order by Client to Company for request for Work. May also be referred to as “Proposal”


"2.1 Company’s Work." This Agreement shall control and govern all Work undertaken by Company and shall define the rights, obligations and liabilities of Company and Client. Client agrees to provide Company with access to its Website, technical data, know-how and proprietary information that is reasonably necessary for Company to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

"2.2 Assigned Work" From time to time, upon mutual agreement of the Company and Client, Client may submit a Work Order to Company. Such Work Order shall be reasonably related to services and shall reasonably describe the scope of Work to be performed by the company for the Client. The rate of pay shall be that designated in the Work Order. A Work Order becomes binding on Company only once an authorized representative of Company has accepted the Work Order in writing, which for purposes of this Agreement shall include email and fax communication in addition to written copy.


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